Oasis Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, every residence and business has unique needs. Whether you need hard floor finishing or thorough deep cleaning, you have to find the right cleaning business that has the best up-to-date trained staff, high quality cleaning services and top of the line equipment to perform the required tasks optimally.

Each project’s unique requirements must be met with safety and efficiency. Furthermore, cleaning products of the highest quality must be used to keep the flooring, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning to keep them from prematurely wearing. 
This is why Oasis Cleaning is a leading janitorial cleaning company in the industry; we specialize in providing Quality and effective service for over 13 Years. We take pride in providing the highest customer service, as we are consumers as well, we know how it feels when being provided with poor quality and unpleasant customer service. 


We strive to understand your needs and exceed your expectations; by understanding every client is different, thus our packages are specifically customized to your needs.
Our head office is located in Regina SK, we are the only Regina cleaning company that offers cleaning products at our cost.

We offer 100% guaranteed workmanship and are dedicated to ensure every customer is satisfied with our service. Please fill out our online form for a free estimate or contact us for more information on any of our cleaning services.